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Compost, tall tales, the answer’s the same – just lay it on thick.

I’m Lewis Juckes, and I began preparing this website as something different to do during the coronavirus lockdown. My history is in fact summed up by the tabs along the top of this page. I grew up in South Africa in the 40s and 50s, which included both schooling and University. In the mid-60s there were two years in the Antarctic, with the British Antarctic Survey, both at the base of Halley Bay and in the field several hundred miles inland. Since then I’ve been in Britain, with much of the time in the steel industry. For most of that time I’ve lived in North Yorkshire, and since the turn of the century I’ve been happily retired.

Why the “LMJ” site? Call it laziness – it’s easier to type my initials than my full name.

And if you want to know more detail about our family and the like, see below.


In the hope of confounding the web-crawling spam-bots, the email address below has been disguised. For the correct version please take out all the numeric characters! Also, this isn’t a link, meaning that you can’t just click on it to get connected. If you want to contact me you’ll have to copy it and paste it into your email package (with the numbers deleted).

If I post any of your comments or queries, I’ll assume you don’t want to be identified unless you request it.

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Golden Wedding Anniversary

For our Golden Wedding anniversary party in late 2017 I prepared some posters, and then a PDF version shown here. It’s a couple of years old now but it gives a good family background. 15/4/20.

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